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Am I a messy soul, or a creative soul? I look at the mess around me and although sometimes it feels like chaos – it kind of looks beautiful sometimes. Maybe I’m just a crazy soul.


This is a sneak peek of the project I have been working on… for a long time I’ve wanted to sell tea – I tried my hand at blending it and nothing really came from it. I’m an artist though – so why not tea cups? pots? Vessels! So yes – I am working on a line of teaware with, as well as an Etsy shop of handmade tea goodies. Here’s a sneak peek of the first line – Puppies!



I’m hoping it can help supplement my income while, more importantly, filling the void in my life that is: ART. I need to create!

It’s true that nothing may come of this, but I have the best blog followers ever, so maybe just maybe something will! At the very least, I’ll be happy and my cupboard will be full of self-designed stuff, which is pretty cool in itself. :)

As for handmade stuff – I’m working on a line of keychain tea personalities! Remember this guy? He’s multiplying!


I won’t really be making money on these little guys – I could never make back the labour costs to make them haha! However, making them has been very relaxing and calming at the end of a stressful day – do I didn’t just stop at one, I kept going! I’ll probably start up an Etsy equivilent shop, as I’m not the biggest fan of their policies (ie: they don’t govern themselves accordingly), so these ones I would mail out myself. Or hey, you could win one in a contest coming up 😉


So I was thinking for the puppy line I could take commissions and draw your personal pet! Would people be interested in that? or do you have any other design ideas? I would love to get some feedback from my favourites :) (That’s you!)

Wednesday’s post will be a delicious recipe for Rainbow Trout, featuring our favourite Rooster Sauce. Friday’s post will be a lengthy review of a DELICIOUS Verdant Tea offering! Stick around <3


30 Jul 2012

Am I an Artist? Teaware & Keychains!

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It’s time for another pizza recipe! After giving my bread machine a small hiatus, I’ve made 2 loaves of bread in the past 2 days and need some more pizza dough! What better time than to haul out this version!

(As you can see in the back, Michael went for a pepperoni & avocado version)


This is a simple recipe – it starts with some fresh ingredients – read: veggies! Then you sautee up some mushrooms and onions for a sweet and caramelized touch to an already delicious set of ingredients, which takes it over the top!


As usual, you are welcome to add any fresh ingredients you have hanging around for this pizza. I happened to have avocado and some tomato! Creamy and crunchy and fresh! Yum!


Did you know – making your own pizza is a fraction of the cost of ordering, and is 100% more delicious and much better for you? You probably knew that. Just reminding 😉


Homemade Sauteed Mushroom & Zucchini Pizza



1/2 a Zucchini, sliced

4 tbsp Pizza sauce

Sauteed Mushrooms

Sauteed Onions

Other veggies that tickle your fancy

Shredded Cheese

Cornmeal (optional)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.

Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Sprinkle with Cornmeal (this is optional – but I love the crunch it gives the crust and adds a bit of sweetness!). Split dough into two chunks, or not if you’re making one big pizza, and gently stretch and pull the dough until it’s the size you want it. Try to get it as thin as possible without breaking! That will ensure your crust is crunchy and cooks all the way through.

Spread about 2 tbsp pizza sauce on each pizza (or 4 tbsp for one) and top with the above/your favourite toppings. Finally sprinkle with cheese and pop into the oven!

Bake about 15 minutes or until crust is golden brown and cheese is bubbly. If you have tons of toppings, it may take more time. Just keep an eye on it.

Let rest 5 minutes, slice and eat! Just try and save some for leftovers – it’s basically impossible.



Nothing like a drizzle of Ranch!

27 Jul 2012

Recipe: Sauteed Mushroom & Zucchini Pizza

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Isn’t it gorgeous? This tea is amazing on so many levels… but I have to say my favourite part about doing this review is that I get to drink a cup while I do it!

Now that I’m done being a freak – let’s get to this gorgeous tea: Cantaloupe & Cream by Butiki Teas

It really is gorgeous – on so many levels. First – the dry leaves. They smell so much like melon and look beautiful. Huge flowers and long fuzzy white tea leaves – at first glance it appears to be a silver needle, not a bai mu dan! That in itself hints to the quality of blend. Not a lot of companies put this much care and quality into their flavoured teas – that is where Butiki Teas truly stands apart from the crowd.







I brewed with the recommended instructions – although I usually do 30 second steeps with lower quality bai mu dan’s, I knew this one would stand up to the 3 minutes 30 seconds as instructed on the bag – I wasn’t a bit scared for it to be a bitter mess!

On the contrary, the tea brewed light in colour and teeming with flavour! No astringency at ALL in the first steep – that is a good white tea! The flavour is amazing – true cantaloupe flavour, not a bit fake or cloying. Naturally sweet with a creamy texture and taste. I did not need to add any sugar or cream to make this into a decadent dessert. Just say the words aloud- “Cantaloupe and Cream” – the words evoke the tastes and textures of the flavour in the tea.

Butiki Teas happens to be having a One Day Sale tomorrow (June 25th), so you should probably check them out and see their other blends. I have tried multiple and they have all been more than excellent.

I have to thank Stacy from Butiki Teas, as I actually won this tea in a Twitter contest she held. As soon as I get some money in the bank, I know I will be stocking up on some of her premium blends. They truly are worth the price – they’re a little piece of heaven on earth.


Oh, and the below shot is as close as you’re going to get to a picture of the brewed tea. I may have already drank it all.


24 Jul 2012

Review: Cantaloupe & Cream by Butiki Teas

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These shots scream summer! Fresh watermelon, frozen berries, ice cold – sweet and smoky. They cool you down and warm you up with a kick. Yes, we love us some JD.

Originally I was trying to make a popsicle, but I didn’t have the right molds and it didn’t work. Then I tried to create a sort of slush- type thing, and it was WAY too strong! So shots it is, and delicious they are!

They’re perfect for a backyard BBQ!



You need:

2 slices fresh watermelon

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1/4 cup frozen blackberries

2 oz Jack Daniels

1 tsp agave nectar (or other sweetener)


Blend all ingredients together and serve immediately!  Makes 2-3 shots, depending on size of shot glasses 😉

Drink up & enjoy!


23 Jul 2012

Recipe: Watermelon Black+Blue Jack Daniels shots

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Celebrate the weekend with the best supper you deserve. Cheese. Wine. Awesome.

Grab an avocado – slice it up.

Grab a bunch of crackers – I used some sort of BBQ triscuits, basil & olive oil, black pepper & olive oil.

Make some pickles. I cheated, sliced a cucumber and put them in a jar of pickles for about an hour (I only had one pickle left, it was an emergency!

Now fill your plate with cheese!

We’ve got some applewood smoked cheddar, harvarti, smoked gouda and plain old medium cheddar.

Of course, there is also a big creamy slab of black pepper goat cheese. mmmmm.


Now pop open that wine – eat, drink and BE MERRY! Happy Friday!

20 Jul 2012

Friday Supper: Wine & Cheese!

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This tea is true to it’s name.

True summer breakfast in a cup! A gentle nudging to wake up to see the sunrise and hear the birds sing! The first rays of sun shining through the trees – shining so bright you can see dust particles in the air. Breathing in the warm summer air and being thankful to be alive this fine day!

This tea is all that, and more.

Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend is part of Verdant Tea’s Alchemy Blends collection – a unique blend of black tea (Laoshan & Jin Jun Mei), Willow Grove puerh, Big Red Robe and an Aged Silver Needle white tea.

Notes of caramel, a full flavour that fills all of your senses, while still being light, summery and refreshing! Oh so smooth and rich – sweet at the end of the sip but with hints of smoke and earth – just hints! Deep red colour that hints to the complexity of the blend, but each sip tastes as though the flavours are perfect for each other.

Look at these gorgeous leaves! Golden, huge and fuzzy! Signs of a tea blended with care <3 That’s how I feel as a Verdant customer – a sense of care, passion and respect.

For some, a breakfast tea is a harsh blend of assam and other black CTC teas, rife with astringency and a deep black cup needing a dose of cream and sugar to make it palatable! When I drink this tea, I’m not getting kicked out of bed (which don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like!), but I am being woken up to the sun – a brand new day where I can take  my time. My senses are awakened one by one with care and attention – I feel like royalty!

Of course, sometimes I’m just getting up to go to work, or play Skyrim. Or just take a humble walk around the neighbourhood.

It’s all perspective!

18 Jul 2012

Review: Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend by Verdant Tea

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It was a happy happy day when our Panini press came in the mail!!! It’s nothing fancy, but we got it free with our Visa points. At our old job we used to have a panini for lunch almost every day, and although we’re still perfecting our Panini skills – this one turned out deliciously!

Recipe Tips:

+ If you have a manual press like ours (aka a super heavy lid), don’t press on it – just let the weight do it’s own work.

+ Don’t be stingy with the sauce – it gets all melty and warm and gooey with the melted cheese and creates panini heaven.

+ Have a panini party! Put out platters of ingredients like the photo above and let everyone make their own. It would make for a fun lunch party! I like to put the sauce in the avocado shell :B

Turkey Bacon Avocado Panini



Sliced turkey or chicken (deli meat)


Sliced Cheese (I used Cheddar & Havarti)

Dressing (I made a buffalo ranch sauce)

Sliced Avocado

Tomato (optional)


Butter both sides of each piece of bread, or brush with olive oil. Preheat panini press over medium heat.

Make sandwich with your favorite ingredients, being generous with the sauce. Now make your panini according to the instructions with your panini press! Eat. :3


16 Jul 2012

Recipe: Turkey, Bacon, Avocado & Cheese Panini

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Yum. Gooey, hot, delicious Garbage Bread! When I discovered it on Pinterest I was all: WHAT ISTHIS deliciousness I have never heard of it!!! But I had really – it’s just messy, awesome Stromboli. 😉

What are you up to this friday? As I write this post, I’m dancing in my chair to some Spice Girls and feeling pretty awesome. Coldbrewing some Razzleberry Iced Tea from 52Teas and nibbling on a Coke Float! Happy Summer, ahhh.

Although I’ve been wanting to try the Buffalo Chicken style garbage bread forever, I had all the ingredients on hand for a delicious asian beef-style mixture! It’s the recipe I use when I make beef buns – it’s super easy, it’s tasty – and with cheese in this garbage bread it is pretty much comfort food at it’s best. haha!

The key to deliciousness? Mushrooms, ginger and garlic baby!


Recipe Tips:

+ Try not to overfill/make it too saucy! It might get a bit leaky like my bread did. Just leave lots of room around the edges and fold it up real good.

+ Don’t be stingy with the spices – you want lots of flavour to combat the cheesiness and the bread!

+ You can do a vegetarian version of this – just replace all of the beef with mushrooms.

+ If you want a nice professional top, do a quick egg wash before baking!


Asian Beef Bun

Garbage Bread

Adapted from Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread found on Pinterest


Dough (I used half of my Grandma’s Bread Dough)

1/2 pound ground beef

2-3 cloves of garlic (crushed)

about 1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

3 tbsp hoisin sauce

1 tsp oil (I used olive)

2/3 cup chopped mushrooms

1 small onion (or 1/2 a large onion) chopped

1 tsp soy sauce

1/2 cup shredded cheese (I used marble)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Scramble fry the ground beef until almost done. Remove from pan (drain grease) and set aside.

Saute ginger and garlic in oil over medium heat until fragrant (about 1 min), add onion and mushroom and saute until mushrooms are caramelized and onions are clear. Add 1 tsp soy sauce and re-add ground beef. Stir in hoisin sauce to taste (add a little more soy sauce if you like) and cook until done.

Set beef mixture in the fridge to cool (we don’t want it too hot!) while you roll out dough into a rectangle on floured counter top. Sprinkle shredded cheese and beef mixture over bread (add a little extra hoisin if you want), and roll from one side to the other, folding in the sides as you go, pinching the edge when done (see photos above). Place on parchment lined cookie sheet and make diagonal cuts along the top to release the steam that will form!

Bake for 30-35 minutes, until golden brown and nice and crusty! Let cool 10 mins, Cut into that baby and serve! (oops, mine exploded!)


13 Jul 2012

Recipe: Asian Beef Bun Garbage Bread

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Lemony crinkly goodness! This is the delicious-looking Pinterest recipe that has been floating about for quite some time. The original is from Lauren’s Latest, an amazing food blog that has me drooling. It’s dropped off my Pinterest front page, but it has not dropped out of my mind! I think about these cookies all the freaking time. I’ve made them 3 times in the past 2 months (which makes for a ridiculous amount of dozens!) , and yet, I can’t wait to make them again!

It’s the sweetness, the softness, the slight chewiness – or maybe it’s the way they melt in your mouth with a zing of tartness from the lemon zest & juice! So many –nesses!

I take this recipe a very important step farther and glaze them with a super tart lemon glaze. Guuuh. It’s over the top! Sadly the glaze takes away the pretty icing sugar crackle that the cookies have – so I tend to do half with and half without. Half pretty and half OMIGAHD delicious. Until I save and glaze them all – the glaze is so. Freaking. Good.

Okay I’m going to stop teasing myself and get right into the recipe already 😀


Recipe Tips:

+ Taste the cookie and it’s not quite lemony enough? Like I mentioned above, take this recipe a step farther and try the lemon glaze. You might not be able to go back 😉

+ Don’t be afraid if the cookies appear slightly undercooked. As long as there is a nice crackle on top, they are done! Now let them cool and they will become the soft, chewy morsel you’re craving. Trust me on this one. Mmm.

+ Make enough to share! That is all. 😉

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Recipe by Lauren’s Latest (contest winning cookie!)

(My glaze recipe is at the bottom!)


½ cups Butter, Softened
1 cup Granulated Sugar
½ teaspoons Vanilla Extract
1 whole Egg
1 teaspoon Lemon Zest (I zest my whole lemon, more zest is more flavour, don’t be shy!)
1 Tablespoon Fresh Lemon Juice (I squeeze all the juice I can from one half of the lemon)
¼ teaspoons Salt
¼ teaspoons Baking Powder
⅛ teaspoons Baking Soda
1-½ cup All-purpose Flour
½ cups Powdered Sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease light colored baking sheets with non stick cooking spray (or line with parchment paper) and set aside.

In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Whip in vanilla, egg, lemon zest and juice. Scrape sides and mix again. Stir in all dry ingredients slowly until just combined, excluding the powdered sugar. Scrape sides of bowl and mix again briefly. Pour powdered sugar onto a large plate. Roll a heaping teaspoon of dough into a ball and roll in powdered sugar. Place on baking sheet and repeat with remaining dough.

Bake for 9-11 minutes or until bottoms begin to barely brown and cookies look matte {not melty or shiny}. Remove from oven and cool cookies about 3 minutes before transferring to cooling rack.

Optional: Lemon Glaze!

Mix 2 tablespoons icing sugar (left over from rolling the dough) and 1 tsp lemon zest with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Add more icing sugar if it’s too thin, but keep it pretty watery as it is a glaze. Simply dip the tops of the cooled cookies into the glaze, swirl around and let dry. It will be shiny! And very tart and delicious!


Enjoy these summery cookies – they are light and lemony and AMAZING so make them and you will be so happy!

11 Jul 2012

Recipe: Lemon Crinkle Cookies

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