31 Aug 2012

Adventures in Geocaching!

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I would love to have just one day that didn’t feel like I was screwing up (re: job!)
Well, I don’t feel like I’m screwing up – but every day I get a nitpicky comment on something I did the day prior.
So, you know, I am working on it. But it would be a much less stressful environment if I didn’t expect my confidence to be stripped down (even if it’s just a little) every. single. day.

SO – I took up another hobby to keep my mind off the trivial mini-things that add up and create havok! Geocaching!

I’ve been super curious about geocaching for a few years – it always seemed like something that would be fun and a good way to get some fresh air. My curiosity always stopped there.

Moving to Halifax has been an eye opening experience. It’s a different terrain, and although I miss the amazing Saskatchewan sunsets, I am still struck by the beauty of Halifax.
Right by our apartment is a great hiking trail and a little park – it’s like walking into the forest right off the street!
How perfect then, when my new friends J & B mentioned they’re geocachers. Cachers? geos? Geodudes? Is there a name for this? “Not muggles!”

That lit the flame – and when dealing with a blanket of depression that allllmost got settled into place – I looked up geocaching to see what was in the area. Depression be-gone!

Wow! I wasn’t expecting to be so excited! There was a cache in the woods right by my house! And a few in the hiking trail in the Common right behind us! Wheeee!

Mike & I looked up a few videos to see what we would need to bring. We packed a little backpack with a pencil and items of various sizes and values to switch with the items we would take!
Then I set the coordinates into my geocaching app (all you need is a GPS) with map and compass! Easy peasy, right?

We hit the trail and found our first stop loaded with “muggles” (people who don’t know about the world of geocaching and tend to stare curiously as you poke around in the trees looking for.. well.. they have no idea! haha). We gave this location a good try – but no luck!
These were City of Halifax muggles that were coming to weedwhack the grass around the area our cache was, so we decided to come back later.

Off to the next one!
At first we came at this one the totally wrong way – we walked through the trail, looking doubtfully at toppled trees – “That might be the path! It may have been a path at one time…”.
Well – I had resigned to the fact that this was an old cache, the path was gone, may as well turn around –
Michael, however, thought we should keep going along the loop instead of turning back. Alright, at least the view would be different!
He stops and peers through some brush, thinking he sees a trail. Pish Posh, say I! But he walks through some flimsy branches – lo and behold!
It’s a well taken care of, clear trail, that could lead us to the cache! Good job Mike!
We continue on our new found, un-mapped trail with glee! The trail seemed to end… nope! I spy a trail on the left.. maybe.. so I take a chance! Yes!
Every time a new trail presents itself it’s like a little prize! I can’t freaking way to get there – I’m staring at the compass when – ah yes.
When we were reading some of the comments on this log, some people found a tent along the trail. Some assumed it was teenagers camping out.. others weren’t so naiive.
The last comment about the tent was a few years ago, I assumed the homeless person had perhaps moved on since then.
There was something about the tent that seemed.. I don’t know, like trespassing! It was clearly a homestead for a homeless person, living pretty far into the brush. There was a tent, a moldy mattress – and it’s wasn’t just off teh trail – it was right ON the trail.
We were close to the cache – but I got some serious willies. I’ve read too many Stephen King novels to take a chance – we had to turn back! (Not before finding a dragonfly friend!)

I won’t forget that feeling though, of discovering trails that were just barely hiding – until you took a chance and discovered them! I can’t WAIT to geocache some more and find more exciting trails!

On Thursday, we went back to find the one close to our house. Guess what? WE FOUND IT! It was on a pulley up in a tree – so super cool!
We took a little pink dragon, signed the logbook, left a little robot and took a picture! eee!

We were on a roll, we also found another one in the common! This one was cleverly hid in a birdhouse. (Not naming cache names so I don’t spoil it for any other Haligonians!)

My only problems with geocaching at this time of year is the amount of spiders. Seriously a lot of them. But honestly, I don’t remember there being a LOT of spiders in the spring, so I’m hoping as fall rolls in they’ll stop making webs right in the middle of the trail. Curse you spiders!

Go to and search for the geocache nearest to your house! Not all caches are in the woods – there are plenty of cool urban caches just waiting for you to discover.
If you join geocaching, or if you do it already, add us to your friends list! I’m DaisyChubb and Mike is BigBazwa.
Here are a few resources I found helpful on our first geocache, but also inspired me for our next adventure!!!

Comment below if you have some geocaching stories to share! I’ve got a case of the gottas – I gotta know!

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4 Responses to “Adventures in Geocaching!”

  1. Susan Easton on Facebook says:
  2. Sounds like you two had a fun day!

  3. Loved it. Perhaps I need to start thinking about this too… Is it a winter “sport” too, I wonder….

  4. Yes! It all depends on the Geocache!
    Take a look at this one:

    If you scroll down you’ll see some pictures – this one has a picture of a snowflake, which means it’s accessible in winter :) Just make sure it has that symbol and you’re good to go!

  5. Way cool Ash! Certainly piqued my interest. I went to the website and found some sites in Swift Current. One is in riverside park across the tracks from me! Now all I need is a gps (not to find the park of course lol).
    Btw, I hear you about work issues, well written. I’m on stress leave for the very same nitpicking and bullying. I think a geocache adventure is better than what the doctor ordered!

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