30 Jul 2012

Am I an Artist? Teaware & Keychains!

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Am I a messy soul, or a creative soul? I look at the mess around me and although sometimes it feels like chaos – it kind of looks beautiful sometimes. Maybe I’m just a crazy soul.


This is a sneak peek of the project I have been working on… for a long time I’ve wanted to sell tea – I tried my hand at blending it and nothing really came from it. I’m an artist though – so why not tea cups? pots? Vessels! So yes – I am working on a line of teaware with, as well as an Etsy shop of handmade tea goodies. Here’s a sneak peek of the first line – Puppies!



I’m hoping it can help supplement my income while, more importantly, filling the void in my life that is: ART. I need to create!

It’s true that nothing may come of this, but I have the best blog followers ever, so maybe just maybe something will! At the very least, I’ll be happy and my cupboard will be full of self-designed stuff, which is pretty cool in itself. :)

As for handmade stuff – I’m working on a line of keychain tea personalities! Remember this guy? He’s multiplying!


I won’t really be making money on these little guys – I could never make back the labour costs to make them haha! However, making them has been very relaxing and calming at the end of a stressful day – do I didn’t just stop at one, I kept going! I’ll probably start up an Etsy equivilent shop, as I’m not the biggest fan of their policies (ie: they don’t govern themselves accordingly), so these ones I would mail out myself. Or hey, you could win one in a contest coming up 😉


So I was thinking for the puppy line I could take commissions and draw your personal pet! Would people be interested in that? or do you have any other design ideas? I would love to get some feedback from my favourites :) (That’s you!)

Wednesday’s post will be a delicious recipe for Rainbow Trout, featuring our favourite Rooster Sauce. Friday’s post will be a lengthy review of a DELICIOUS Verdant Tea offering! Stick around <3


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5 Responses to “Am I an Artist? Teaware & Keychains!”

  1. A tea cup with my very own Gretl-cat on it? I love it! And totally want one. :)

  2. DaisyChubb says:
  3. Weally? ; 3; It would be an honour to design a Gretl-cup! I’ll keep you posted 😉

  4. I think I told you about my Butt Draggin’ (dragon with a big butt) idea. :)

  5. Uh. yes. I want all of these things!! Also, how cute would a Bobo and Lulu themed tea adventure be for a special boy-pants I have in my life?!

  6. DaisyChubb says:
  7. haha yes! I totally remember Susan!

    @ Kristin – thank you! Well they are the perfect models, I’ll have to get some pictures from you soon 😀

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