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Welcome to !
The newest exciting adventure to come is in a wee cubby at Plan B, Halifax!

Our cubby is home to two artists: BadLittleStitch and Daisy Chubb Jewelry.
If you’re here, you may have purchased some jewelry – thank you! Please comment if so, I’d love to say thanks :)


Most of the jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc) feature handmade paper beads. These beads are recycled from Lush Times, magazines and craft paper. Other found objects are used, such as glass pearls, wooden and metal accents – the sky’s the limit!

Currently you can purchase these in person at Plan B, Halifax, or contact me for a custom order.
Hoping to sell online at some point, but until then, shoot me an email or Ask me on tumblr for more details.


Daisy Chubb Shop on Tumblr

Bad Little Stitch on Tumblr

27 Feb 2014

Jewelry by Daisy Chubb

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Hello friends! Long time no talk – I’m here for a quick blip of deliciousness.

Summer is upon us here in Halifax, although there are cold and rainy days like today, most days are hot and crispy! Well, my skin sure gets hot and crispy in the sun, oh my. We’re talking +40 C with the humidity! Now that’s a beach day!!

I feel so grateful to have been involved in this Bzz campaign for International Delight Iced Coffee. I’ve got to try every flavour for free! have you seen them in the grocery store? I’ve always had a guilty pleasure for the International Delight powdered drinks, and I love a good iced coffee from Starbucks or Timmy’s. This combines the two into a perfectly sweetened iced coffee experience!

Have you ever heard of BzzAgent? You can become a member at their website: , it’s basically a buzz zone for new products – for this campaign they sent me coupons to try International Delight Iced Coffee free, and the two tumblers! You review the products and get to try them for free, it’s a lot of fun and right up my alley!


I got two gorgeous double-walled tumblers from ID so we could take our Iced Coffee out on the road! We decided to go to a local duck pond for a hike, and to see some cute ducklings. Which we did! Score!


Small and proud!

If you haven’t given the ID Iced Coffee a try yet, hype-aside, I honestly do recommend it. You fill a cup with ice and pour it overtop – I love the taste once the ice has had a chance to melt and mingle, as it is pretty concentrated! With that in mind, a little goes a long way – I was so surprised each time I went for another glass and there was so much left! Great bang for your buck too – consider the cost of your usual specialty coffee from a coffee shop… a cup of this costs about 60 cents. For a treat, try a little whipped cream on top with a drizzle of caramel – I should say – my favourite flavour is by far the Caramel Machiatto.

My favourite part is that it’s not super sweet – none of the flavours are. You can taste the coffee, and after all, isn’t that why you’re drinking coffee and not tea? Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed. :)


8 Jul 2013

Adventures with BzzAgent & International Delight!

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My journey with Green Tea has been an interesting one! There are certainly some green teas that leave a lot to be desired – but when you find that one that pleases your palate – oh it’s worth the journey! For me, a lot of it had to do with learning how to brew green tea. Some greens can be quite finicky, but I find it’s best to start with a low water temperature and go from there. The company you order tea from can give you some brewing advice, but there’s nothing more satisfying and efficient than your own experiments – and experience!

This brings me to Steve, the author of How Green is Your Tea? He’s been drawn to green tea as a beverage for different reasons than most people. Here’s a tidbit of his story:

“I have always been a tea drinker as I never acquired the taste for coffee like everyone else around me. But my love for green tea really started when I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL.  CLL is the most common type of leukemia. Most people are diagnosed without symptoms as the result of a routine blood test that returns a high white blood cell count, as was in my case. I’m still in the early stages in what is called “Watch and Wait” mode, and my goal is to stay in this stage and never have to be treated!” (Source: How Green is Your Tea? About Me)

Visiting Steve’s site, you can see he is on a journey of discovering new and better ways to consume his tea – like him, I am a fan of Starbucks Green Tea Lattes. I also have plenty of matcha recipes on my site as well! Matcha Iced Latte, Matcha Icing, Matcha Cookies! My favourite so far on his blog is the Matcha Ice Cream recipe – holy wow – it looks so deep dark green and creamy. What can I say, I like my edibles 😉 The great part is, the more you experiment with and try at home, the less you need to spend on pricey coffee shops!


If you’re interested in learning more about green tea, why not pop over to How Green is Your Tea and find the perfect tea for your tastes and your health, such as: Did you know you can eat your green tea? A bunch of great techniques for brewing your tea – and my personal favourite: The advantages of loose tea over tea bags! Join Steve to help make the switch!

Thank you to Steve from How Green is Your Tea for letting me feature his budding website – it’s going to keep growing and evolving, so while it does, why not join him on Facebook?

I’ll drink to that!


8 Mar 2013

Site Spotlight: How Green is Your Tea?

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin


^ see that link? I’m Bloglovin’ it now! Still working out the kinks.

Hey hey come back tomorrow for a recipe for… it’s a secret!

24 Oct 2012


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Don’t worry, I’m still here! It’s been a busy week with family visiting and work! So here are some pictures, I’ll be back Monday!


14 Sep 2012

Photo Friday: PEI is GORGEOUS!

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Daisy Chubb’s tea & trinkets

My first collection features Teacup Keychains! Next up will feature cute animals & perhaps some Halloween goodies! Best holiday of the year after all.

27 Aug 2012

Etsy Shop is officially open!

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Sorry for the short hiatus – but it was my 24th birthday! I drank some tea, played some board games, ate an insane amount of  Orange Creamsicle cupcakes, and had a grande ol time!

Here are a few pictures showcasing my awesome gifts 😀 The highlights are some DavidsTea teaware and some homemade peach & marachino cherry preserves! They all made for an amazing birthday breakfast! 😀


There may not be regular posts this week, as I am setting up my ETSY SHOP! So stay tuned!

21 Aug 2012

Birthday Fun & Exciting News!

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3 Aug 2012

Friday Photos

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Am I a messy soul, or a creative soul? I look at the mess around me and although sometimes it feels like chaos – it kind of looks beautiful sometimes. Maybe I’m just a crazy soul.


This is a sneak peek of the project I have been working on… for a long time I’ve wanted to sell tea – I tried my hand at blending it and nothing really came from it. I’m an artist though – so why not tea cups? pots? Vessels! So yes – I am working on a line of teaware with, as well as an Etsy shop of handmade tea goodies. Here’s a sneak peek of the first line – Puppies!



I’m hoping it can help supplement my income while, more importantly, filling the void in my life that is: ART. I need to create!

It’s true that nothing may come of this, but I have the best blog followers ever, so maybe just maybe something will! At the very least, I’ll be happy and my cupboard will be full of self-designed stuff, which is pretty cool in itself. :)

As for handmade stuff – I’m working on a line of keychain tea personalities! Remember this guy? He’s multiplying!


I won’t really be making money on these little guys – I could never make back the labour costs to make them haha! However, making them has been very relaxing and calming at the end of a stressful day – do I didn’t just stop at one, I kept going! I’ll probably start up an Etsy equivilent shop, as I’m not the biggest fan of their policies (ie: they don’t govern themselves accordingly), so these ones I would mail out myself. Or hey, you could win one in a contest coming up 😉


So I was thinking for the puppy line I could take commissions and draw your personal pet! Would people be interested in that? or do you have any other design ideas? I would love to get some feedback from my favourites :) (That’s you!)

Wednesday’s post will be a delicious recipe for Rainbow Trout, featuring our favourite Rooster Sauce. Friday’s post will be a lengthy review of a DELICIOUS Verdant Tea offering! Stick around <3


30 Jul 2012

Am I an Artist? Teaware & Keychains!

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