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Welcome to !
The newest exciting adventure to come is in a wee cubby at Plan B, Halifax!

Our cubby is home to two artists: BadLittleStitch and Daisy Chubb Jewelry.
If you’re here, you may have purchased some jewelry – thank you! Please comment if so, I’d love to say thanks :)


Most of the jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc) feature handmade paper beads. These beads are recycled from Lush Times, magazines and craft paper. Other found objects are used, such as glass pearls, wooden and metal accents – the sky’s the limit!

Currently you can purchase these in person at Plan B, Halifax, or contact me for a custom order.
Hoping to sell online at some point, but until then, shoot me an email or Ask me on tumblr for more details.


Daisy Chubb Shop on Tumblr

Bad Little Stitch on Tumblr

27 Feb 2014

Jewelry by Daisy Chubb

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Still deciding whether I should post a recipe or a review on Wednesday! I think recipe – I need to get some pumpkin recipes out of the way before it’s true Spring!

The other day I had a bad dream, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up and watched the sunrise outside! Invigorating!




4 Feb 2013

Photography Monday

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I am so sick. Oh so sick! I believe it’s because I missed my bus one cold damp evening and sat outside in the rainy snowy winter weather. No matter – all I know now is that I’m popping Tylenol and watching movies. And drinking tea!

Oh so many movies! Good ones and bad, here are the good ones: Dark Knight Rises, Compliance, God Bless America and Frankenweenie! Does anyone have any more movie suggestions for me? I need them!

Ah yes, the point of this post! You’ve probably seen the 2013 Pay-It-Forward on Facebook! I’m taking part in Meghan’s (hiMeg!)

The PIF works as such – the first 5 people to post in the comment section will receive a homemade something from me sometime this year – it will be a total surprise! The catch? Post this on your Facebook or Blog and Pay It Forward! That’s the best part ๐Ÿ˜‰

So if you are interested, comment below letting me know where you will post your PayItForward (and maybe a movie recommendation for me too?), and be sure to include your email. I’ll email you asking for your address! Then you get to wait and see ๐Ÿ˜‰ It could be a handblended tea, a teacup keychain, even baking if you live in Halifax! So check it out yo!

11 Jan 2013

2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward

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It’s here! Happy New Year !!!

We’re starting the year off right with two year-long projects we’ve been meaning to do for a while.

First of all is 2013 “Resolve to be Successful” project – in it you take a jar and slips of paper – whenever you accomplish something (something you want to remember), write it down and place it in the jar. At the end of the year (Dec 31st to be exact), you can look back at all the awesome things that happened that year.

Thanks to C.M. Powers for inspiring me to join and ProfMomEsq.ย  & Francoisome for starting it! If you have a blog and want to join too, Link Up!

This project is especially important for me – I’m definitely one to rant about the bad things while rolling my eyes at the good. At times it doesn’t even compare! It’s a problem, but seeing this jar throughout the year get fuller and fuller will help! It will certainly keep my priorities straight. :)

I didn’t have a jar, so I’m using this big egg from my Christmas tea swap! It’s dear to my heart, and kind of symbolic too, don’t you think?



Project number two is pretty exciting too: a Date Night jar! I got the idea from Pinterest a while ago, but last night we finally sat down and started writing out ideas!

There are 4 categories: At Home Dates, Free & Out dates, A little $ dates & a lot of $$$ + planning dates! I have a feeling we will pack the at home and free a LOT, so hopefully we get some more ideas as the year goes on!

So those are the start to 2013! I’m not a dieter – I definitely believe in everything in moderation! I have a good job, I’m happy – and I hope these help me stay happy this year. Last year sucked, so yay for 20 +10 +3 !

I hope you will all stick around on this years tasty journey. Some very inspired tea related recipes to come!


2 Jan 2013

Making the most out of 2013

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Get ready!

Starting tomorrow, it’s the Countdown to Christmas!~

Yep! I’ll be counting down the “12 days of Christmas” (yes I know they are technically after Xmas but this is my blog and blah.) with TEA!

I was lucky enough to take part in a 12 part Christmas swap counting down to the special day, and I’ll be posting every day with a new tea. Hope ya’ll are ready for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have the tea we feature, feel free to brew a pot and drink with us!

Stay tuned – it starts tomorrow!!!

13 Dec 2012

Here it comes…

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But I’ll be back soonย  loves!

I have a TON of recipes to share ๐Ÿ˜€

13 Nov 2012

Busy busy busy

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1 Nov 2012

Photo Thursday – Fall into Autumn

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin


^ see that link? I’m Bloglovin’ it now! Still working out the kinks.

Hey hey come back tomorrow for a recipe for… it’s a secret!

24 Oct 2012


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Woo sorry guys!

I highly underestimated the amount of exhaustion that would come with working while also going to a 150 band 1 weeks long music festival, with no money to buy red bull or alcoholic drinks (or tim hortons!) to keep me going! Phew!

It’s worth it though!

Sorry I can’t post my cookie recipe yet! Stay tuned, as the Zombie Gingerbread men will pop up on Friday or Saturday!

They’re coming for you…

18 Oct 2012

HPX + Work makes Ash-Lee something something…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Post Canadian, Pre American :3

Feel free to play this awesome Foo Fighters song while I tell you the story of my poor-mans Thanksgiving supper extravaganza!

It begins with a snack. What? It’s “healthy”…

I bought 2 chickens, celery, carrots, butter and fresh rosemary!

The 2 chickens combined were waaay cheaper than any of the turkeys, plus they weren’t frozen. I just wanted to roast them up with some butter and fresh rosemary to make a kick butt gravy and, of course, a huge batch of chicken stock for soup!

I lined the bottom of the roaster with celery to keep the chickens propped up, then went about seasoning the chickens with butter, rosemary, salt, pepper and paprika. I stuffed 1/4 ofย  a purple onion into each cavity. I made sure to put butter under the skin so it would self-baste! It took under 2 hours to roast both chickens at 350 F.

The verdict? Tasty tasty chickens! Sadly not a lot of leftovers. We had enough for one extra meal, but lots of broth! The broth is very flavourful but pretty buttery. The drippings made pretty awesome gravy!

So all in all – a success! I plan to make a beer cheese soup with some of the broth next, as well as a turkey & black bean chili with sweet potatoes! Of course, we had good ol chicken soup the next day. Classic! Almost as good as Grandmas… but not quite!


10 Oct 2012

Dear Rosemary: A tale of 2 chickens

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