24 May 2012

Collection: 40+ Bacon Wrapped Recipes

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Stop. You had me at bacon wrapped.

Here’s a collection of some excellent Bacon-Wrapped anything and everything recipes!

Credit for this amazing collection idea goes to Jessica H. She loves meats, mustard and of course, bacon! Here’s a photo of her, and a photo of her Homemade Bacon Infused Vodka. Recipe? Throw some cooked bacon in vodka for 3 weeks. 😉


Without further ado – Over Forty Bacon-Wrapped Recipes!

Hover with your mouse to view the recipe title. Click to go to the recipe!


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7 Responses to “Collection: 40+ Bacon Wrapped Recipes”

  1. Mitch Allan on Facebook says:
  2. I’ve only read the title and how can a person not like this! 😀

  3. Ash-Lee Hommy on Facebook says:
  4. Good boy 😉 It makes me hungry though, but handy to know that I have the list on hand when I have some bacon ready to wrap around something. Anything!

  5. Ash-Lee Hommy on Facebook says:
  6. Jessica Haile – this one’s for you my bacon angel – you’re famous!

  7. Jessica Haile on Facebook says:
  8. Awe bacon wrapped angel :) you know how to get a girl don’t you?

  9. Okay, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are awesome… but bacon wrapped tater tots? I’m on it!

  10. Jessica Haile on Facebook says:
  11. I want bacon explosion!

  12. Ash-Lee Hommy on Facebook says:
  13. my acid reflux says no, but everything else says yes

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