1 May 2012

Event: Grand Opening Contest!

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Happy May day!


Edit: This contest is over, thank you for entering! And the winner is…



If you’re reading this, you are super awesome. I mean that. You are amazing. If this is the first blog post you’re seeing, hop on over to my Welcome Post and then hop on back to enter the contest 😀

I guess I should say: Welcome to my blog! Bienvenue!

To start our relationship off on a good note, a Contest is in order. Now, this isn’t a “post on facebook/twitter about my new blog every day” type of contest, although I will probably have one of those some day. It’s not a “post your favourite recipe” or “guess my middle name” kind of contest either. Maybe I’ll have those too one day!

No, this contest is just for those of you who honest to goodness are interested in my new blog. Who entered their email on my splash page, checked it out on Steepster or from a Facebook link. In that case, you are part of a special club. Or something. Anyways! If you want to give your friends a link to this contest, go for it – it’ll just give you more competition to win… I’m just sayin’. :)


So, what can you do to enter? Check out the prizes and then read the contest rules. That’s all I ask!



For the Tea Lovers: One 1.75 Ounce package of Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast tea from 52teas, and a sample pack of my favourite teas from all sorts of companies! (The sample pack will be based on your favourite flavours and will include 5-10 samples of enough for 2-3 cups of tea) (p.s. I will also include TeaSacs for brewing if you’re new to tea!)

For the Cool Stuff Lovers: A package of Anne Taintor napkins (for your tea party?) and an assortment of 5 FRUiTS Postcards



Contest Rules

1. Only one entry per person

2. Contest runs from May 1st – May 15th (2012). You can enter until Midnight on May 15th!

3. This contest is open to everyone all over the world! I will ship to any country!!!

4. Winner will be selected by and posted on this blog (with screenshot) on Wed May 16th. I will contact the winner by e-mail. The winner has until Sun, May 20th to respond to my e-mail, otherwise a new winner will be drawn.

5. I would like permission to do a short e-mail interview which will be posted on my blog. For fun! You are the winner after all 😀

6. I will not use your personal information (email address) for anything other than contact for this contest.

7. Oh! There is only one winner – you win the entire prize package! To recap – this includes 1.75 oz Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast, 5-10 random loose-leaf tea sample, one package napkins and 5 postcards.

8. If I’ve missed anything or you have any questions, feel free to ask via the contact form or the Comments section!


How to Enter

 1. See that little contact box down there? Enter your name (or nickname, whatevs) and email, make the subject “Welcome Contest” or something of that nature, and copy and paste the following into the “Message Box”, filling in the [blanks]! (I’ve filled in some ideas in the blanks for inspiration – but you erase those and put whatever you want!)

Hi, I’m [your name here]! I found your blog from [Steepster,Facebook,Person]!

My favourite colours are [green?red?white?]. My favourite flavours are [mint?caramel?chocolate?salmon?].

I hope to see more [reviews?recipes?photos?] on your blog!

2. And press submit! Easy peasy! (When you press Submit, the Contact Form will disappear! That’s how you know it worked, haha!) (Careful, don’t post this in the Comments section, use the Contact Form! You’re welcome to post other comments in the Comments section though!)


Thanks friends! I hope you enter, I’ll let you know how many entries we have a little later in the week.

Hope you’ll stick around!!!


<3 Daisy Chubb

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