22 May 2012

Event! Summer Iced Tea Swap

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I am excited to say that our first large-scale “Secret Santa” style swap is about to begin! I’ve been wanting to plan it for a while, having planned many a Secret Santa in the past. I know there are a few large scale swaps out there in cyberspace – but I say the more the merrier. I love joining multiple swaps – if you have the time, go for it! I’ve always been a fan of penpal related activities too. I used to have a penpal from China – it’s such a fun time.

I will definitely give credit where credit is due: My first tea swap in this style was held by Melita at Gussying Up The Tuttle ! She holds an annual swap, so I will definitely let everyone know when her swap is up and running as well!

Isn’t it nice to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill? Add to that a package of tea and it’s joy tenfold! For me at least 😉

I’ll also hold a contest for all of the entrants! After June 2nd I’ll pick a random winner who will receive a special tea package from me (full of secret, delicious surprises) and other gifts!

So check out how it works, see if you’re interested, and if so – you have until June 2nd to join up!


1. Be sure you don’t mind shipping to anywhere in the world! The majority of our entrants will be from US and Canada, but some will be some Europe and other amazing places. If you know you won’t be able to ship across the world, don’t join this time. :)

2. If you join, be sure you can ship your package out before June 17th. You wouldn’t want to send a package and not receive one, so if you know you can’t ship it in time, why not wait until the next swap? A partner who doesn’t hold up their end of the swap will be disqualified from any of our future swaps – so be a good Swap Partner!

2.5. Sometimes shipping can take a long time (I mean weeks!). Be patient! If we think something is fishy, I will investigate it for you. We’ll work it out together!

3. If you have any problems, concerns or questions at any time – please send me an email! I will get back to you ASAP!

4. Have fun! The most important rule of all! Be creative and send something awesome – you’re making a new friend after all :)

How it Works:

1. Read the Rules (See above)

2. Enter your information in the Contact form anytime from today – June 2nd (See below: Contact Form)

3. On June 3rd you’ll receive your Secret Swap Partner in an email! Read about them and pick some teas you think they will love. Remember – this swap’s theme is: Iced Tea. (See below: What do I send?)

4. Send your package on or before June 17th! Send me an email ( when you’ve sent your package.

5. The waiting game! When you finally get that amazing package in the mail, take pictures, drink your tea, scream with delight – and send me an email! I’ll unite you with your swap partner via email and you can be forever friends. I’ll also compile a post of your pictures and happy tea drinking faces!

6. This next part is totally optional – but maybe a nice thing to do! You have the option of sending a thank you card back to your swap partner. You never know – you might end up with a pen pal after all of this.

What do I send?

Well, the bare bones that you must send are: At least 3.5 ounces or 100g of tea (this is just a minimum, send as much as you like! and be sure to mix and match, not just 100g of the same tea! It works out to around 15 dollars-ish, but if you find a good deal go for it! Just a guidline.), a small card or letter and a small gift.

The theme is Iced Tea – so send a tea you think they would love on ice to cool down this summer! You don’t have to drink it as an iced tea, but that’s the theme, so see if you can be creative with it! Oh! Also it doesn’t have to be 100g of the same tea! Be creative! I’ll say it 100 times! haha

Send a card just saying hello and introducing yourself!

The small gift could be anything from a drawing on looseleaf, to a Perfect teaspoon, to a keychain, to a book – anything you like – just be creative! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a special gift :)

Contact Form:

The questions in the form are a fun way for your swap partner to interpret your taste, style and ultimately pick the BEST teas for you! Have fun with them – be creative and truthful :) You won’t be disappointed!

Simply copy and paste the questions below into the “Message” area of the contact form, and be sure to put “Iced Tea Swap” in the Subject line! If you have any questions at all, comment below or email me and I’ll answer ASAP! (

(Hint: When you hit Submit, the page will refresh and the contact form will disappear – that’s how you know it worked! :D)

“1. What’s your full mailing address?

2. What are your favourite colours?

3. What is your favourite part about Summer?

4. What’s your favourite animal?

5. If you could watch a sunset anywhere in the world, where would it be?

6. What’s your favourite activity to do outside?

7. Do you like sweet desserts or salty snacks?

8. Do you like smooth, smoky chocolate or tart pink lemonade?

9. What 3 fruits would make your ultimate fruit salad?

10. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

11. Who is your favourite actor or actress (on stage or screen!)

12. If you could play an instrument perfectly and beautifully, what would it be?

13. What song is the perfect companion to sipping an iced tea on a hot summers day?

14. What cartoon character do you relate with the most?

15. Finally, if you could bottle any scent and make it into a perfume/cologne, what would it be?”


It’s going to be a blast, so I hope you’ll tell your friends and we’ll get a big group going 😀

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I can’t wait to see what sorts of happiness we can give each other. Tea is Happiness!



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  1. Hrmmm… I might have messed something up there. Tried responding, hit enter too early… resubmitted. Let’s see what happens!

  2. DaisyChubb says:
  3. Got it Dylan! So you and Missy will be one entity for the purpose of the swap? I can dig it 😀

  4. We’re one entity for most things. We’re like a tiny Borg.

  5. DaisyChubb says:
  6. adorbs!

  7. I’m in! :) Looking forward to it thanks Daisy!

  8. DaisyChubb says:
  9. Awesome! Glad to have you on board 😀

  10. DaisyChubb says:
  11. Update! The Prize Package will be comprised of a DavidsTea Grab Bag!

  12. Congrats to Missy and Dylan!!! WOOO HOOO!

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