24 Apr 2012


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My french is so bad, I cringed when I ordered the peche du jour in Montreal. But then I put it in my mouf and it was delish!

News: Welcome Contest from May1st-May15th! Enter here! <—–

Anyways, welcome to my blog! This is kind of a to do list, but it’s also a list of what kind of posts you’ll be seeing in the near future:

– Recipes
– DIY fun stuff
– Tea tutorials, Tea reviews and tea.. stuff. Lots of tea.
– Little adventure posts of Halifax adventures
– Local Restaurant reviews (maybe! unless no one cares haha!)
– Pictures of stuff, i dunno.
– Fashion things! Outfits, nails, etc. aka when I feel like changing out of my pjs.
– Theatre/Movie/Book reviews
– CONTESTS!!! I freaking love contests!
– Seasonal Tea Swap – can’t wait to coordinate this!

– The origin of “Daisy Chubb”

– Oh yeah, horrible ukulele video by yours truly!

For the launch, I tried to get at least one post in each category – but those will soon multiply like bunnies, so stick around :)


So stick around! And comment, it’ll stop me from becoming lazy.

Oh, and here’s some Roasted Garlic which will be featured in a recipe soon to come!


Much love!


<3 Ash-Lee (Daisy Chubb)

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6 Responses to “Bonjour!”

  1. […] I mean that. You are amazing. If this is the first blog post you’re seeing, hop on over to my Welcome Post and then hop on back to enter the […]

  2. Woo hoo, good luck!

  3. DaisyChubb says:
  4. Thanks Dylan! 😀

  5. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog. It may just be my favorite blog of which I am not an author, and I might just have to create some sort of award for that.

  6. DaisyChubb says:
  7. Wow Anne, thank you so much! That means a LOT coming from you, because I absolutely love your blog and read it every day. Thank you! This comment was more than an award! 😀

  8. Nice blog.
    Looking forward to your posts.

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