27 Jun 2012

Iced Tea Week: How to Cold Brew

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Hello again! Happy Hump Day! Get over the hump by making some cold brew Iced Tea. It couldn’t be simpler, it just takes a little thought the night before!

I should say – there is no one “proper” way to Cold Brew – but I would love to share my method! I’ve tried a few ways and I just find this one the easiest and quickest for me. It’s also delicious, which is the most important factor!

What is Cold Brewing? It’s just what it sounds like – brewing tea for a long time (8-12 hours) in cold water in the fridge. The result is a totally different taste – no bitterness and very little astringency compared to brewing with hot tea. It coaxes out the flavours and leaves you with a unique brew – give it a try! There are some exceptions to the rule for me. Cold brewing overnight (or for a few days) seems to work best with Black tea, Oolong, Rooibos and Herbal blends. Green and White tea does get bitter after a long steep time, so I try to steep Green or White tea for 5-6 hours.

I like coldbrewing because I don’t have to use double the amount of tea. When I have a lot of tea I don’t mind, but if I’m reaching the end of my favourite tea, I don’t want to waste a drop! That’s where coldbrewing comes in handy.


How to make Iced Tea 

Cold Brew Method

You’ll need:

Large lidded mug/cup/bottle (I used my Iced Tea mug!)

Cold Water

1 Tea Sac/other strainer (I don’t like to use metal because it sits in the water overnight)

Normal amount of tea (1 Perfect tsp)

Measure out one tsp of tea! I’m drinking Black & Blue by 52teas.

Fill your Teasac! If you’re using a bottle with a small opening, just lay your Teasac on the side and roll it until it fits! I do this all the time, see below picture:

Place Teasac into container and fill to the top with Cold water. This is important! The water must be cold, hence Cold Brewing! :)

This is my favourite part – you can see the tea slowly steeping. Click on the picture to see it enlarged! I used to watch this every day at my desk job and it was really relaxing and intriguing to me. haha!

Now place in the fridge Overnight or for a few days. (works out to about 8-12 hours in the fridge usually). Enjoy your coldbrewed tea!

(Note: this works best for Black, Oolong, Rooibos & Herbal teas. Use a shorter brew time for Green/White)



Hope this was helpful! Come back on Friday for a delicious and refreshing recipe for an iced cold Matcha Latte!

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  2. This looks yummy.. Gonna have to get me some!!

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