25 Apr 2012

My Tea Corner

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So many of you who come to visit will have an idea of my relationship with tea. It hasn’t even been a full year since I discovered loose leaf tea totally by accident, and immediately it took over my life! I couldn’t have been happier :)

Le tea corner.

You know.. I’m lying a little bit. Let’s backtrack. My first loose leaf tea was Swamp Water from DavidsTea about 2 (?) years ago. It’s a green rooibos blend that spoke to my immature sensibilities. I had NO idea how to brew it – I stuck it in a tea ball and a bunch of pieces came out into my cup. Yuck. I threw a bunch of it in a pot with boiling water and tried to strain it with a paper towel. Well that was a mess. Let’s just say loose leaf tea was not what I imagined it was. I stuck it in the cupboard and forgot it there… until a year later.

It was around the time I found while browsing DavidsTea for whatever reason. I read the reviews and some of the teas sounded amazing! I had to try this Buttered Rum. Well I went through 100g of that in a week and I was in lust. Not quite love. But then the $1 iced tea promotion happened and I tried a new tea almost every day that summer. My cupboard started filling up with DavidsTea. I became a part of the Steepster community, posting reviews and making new friends. (Some call it the Facebook of tea!)

After a few swaps, I got to try some new tea companies! 52teas, Adagio, Harney and Sons … these were all companies that soon became a part of my life in some way or another. I started making online orders and was soon up to my ears in delicious tea!!!


Fast-forward to today.

I got rid of a LOT of my tea before we moved to Halifax. We drove you see, and I’ve still only been here for about a month, so there is a lot more tea to be had! But until then, I’ll introduce you to my chaos.


 Chest: These are my random favorites! This is also my travel case, when I don’t need to travel light anyways. I throw my teas in here and off I go!

Top Drawer: These are samples from swaps and companies, and other little bits that only have enough for about one cup.

Middle Drawer: Tins! Well, and a few big boxes. But this is where I keep my tins – mostly DavidsTea but I have some from Tealish and Republic of Tea as well. oo and Zhenas!

Bottom Drawer: Bags! This is the full drawer. Full of bags of loose tea! We’ve got all sorts down here folks.


Oh… and I also have this cupboard in the kitchen.

It’s  more full than I’d like to admit. Hello Robo.


Trust me when I say that there will be a lot of Sipdowns while this blog is running, but also a lot more additions to the collection! Mwahaha. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “My Tea Corner”

  1. GinGin Lomax says:
  2. This absolutely inspires me to organize my tea collection… then start a better tea collection!

  3. DaisyChubb says:
  4. It’s a dangerous habit but oh so worth it. Do you have any samples left from that tea I sent you that one time? 😀

  5. ashleeeyyy88 says:
  6. I just got a nice tea set and a bunch of blends to add to my collection as one of my gifts from my boyfriend. Finally time to start organizing them! This post excites me :)

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