15 Dec 2012

On the first day

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Do you like the guy? He’s a little creepy, but I know he’s enjoying his tea just as much as I am!

Sorry for the late post – I worked an unexpected 10 hour day, missed my bus, then made a friend at the bus stop named Emily who had missed the bus for the past hour. Turns out the bus would have never come because it was too late in the evening! But hey, I made a friend! Hi Emily, you are awesome. I wish I would have given her a bath bomb from my purse, but I only thought about doing that after the fact. Until we meet again Emily!

As I walked home from the bus stop, I looked up at the sky and saw the clearest stars!

It’s a gorgeous night for tea, am I right? :)


On the first day of Christmas my Steepsters gave to me…



An amazing tea to represent Partridge in a Pear Tree! Ohhh this blend makes me want to marry you Autumn! The smell is sooo sweet and delicious – I am legit sad that I only have enough for one pot. I will savour this amazing pot of tea! The blend features a base of Verdant Tea’s Eight Treasure Yabao, Stone-Pressed 2004 Yiwu WIld Arbor Sheng and a Pear Fruit Melange! Ohhh the sweetness!

And brewed?


A smoooooth brew with hints of sweetness and a hint of tartness. Sweet pear notes with a base of amazing puerh – I may be in heaven.

What a way to start the count down! Bliss!

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  1. What a great post for our first day of Christmas!

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