15 Dec 2012

On the second day…

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Wow, a super special day Two with Azzrian! Thanks girl!



I loooove wax seals! Ee it just increased the excitement!

Of course Day Two is Two Turtle Doves! I loved her explanation on how she immediately thought of doing a chocolate caramel “turtle” tea, but how further brainstorming lead to this extremely sensual, romantic and celebratory tea:



Strawberry Champagne Matcha from Red Leaf Teas, plus a little matcha spoon (adorable!) and decadent Dove chocolates! Not gonna lie – I dove right in an drank this tea as an iced matcha latte with whipped cream for breakfast – chocolates included! Now that’s a day off! My only day off for the next 3 long days! I definitely made sure to enjoy it 😉

The tea is such an exciting blend! Delicate on the nose but full of flavour – the champagne notes are sweet subtle, while the strawberry is playful! Reminds me of my favourite kool-aid wine – Arbor Mist! haha. It’s not Christmas without an 8 dollar bottle of that sweet sweet alcohol juice.

That said, I would happily sip this instead – perhaps with a spike of rose wine to top it off?



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  1. So very happy you enjoyed it! I have never tried it hot but I will! Oh the whipped cream is a nice addition! I can’t help but notice your pick game controller lol

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