20 Dec 2012

On the seventh day…

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Yummy in my tummy!

Tomorrow I’m back at work, but there is a VERY SPECIAL post tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then, I’m sippin on some sweet coconut tea. Let’s see:



It even looks like fun! It’s all about the taste – this is a delicious Coconut white from a company local to Rachel’s home – can I hear bottomless  cups of tea?! holla!


It’s naturally sweet and super flavourful for a white tea – it helped me wake up nice and slow and gentle, but also paired deliciously will with my leftover waffles. I love the journey this 12 days of Christmas is taking me on! Each day is so different!

Although I’ve been enjoying the packages with a variety of teas, I am super grateful to finally make a POT of tea and sip it all day long! I was totally prepped for a pot a day, so I’m happy to get back in the groove. The tasty, tasty groove.

Tune in tomorrow for a super special surprise post! eep!

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