16 Dec 2012

On the third day…

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Whee I am pumped for this day! This is Anne’s day 😀
Anne from the SororiTEA Sisters organized this 12 days of Christmas event – it couldn’t have happened without her – so THANK YOU Anne! You rock my socks.


How delightful to rip open the package and see the hilarious surprise inside! ee!


On the third day of Christmas my Steepsters gave to me – Three French Hens! Or rather, three french teas in a giant Hen’s egg 😀

I have no idea what I’m going to use this giant pink egg for – but I’m keeping it. It will be used. Somehow 😉

The 3 teas all look equally delicious!


I’m not sure how I’ll space them out yet, because I do work all day today, but I will enjoy them to their fullest potential!

Hmm.. Okay I did the whole package of French Blend (a blend of Black & Green teas) with a little sprinkle of the vanilla to make sure I had enough for my entire travel mug. I finish my Lush Christmas shopping today, so wish me luck that I buy things for my boyfriend and not me! 😀

Thank you Anne!



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5 Responses to “On the third day…”

  1. Courtney Powers on Facebook says:
  2. I’ve had one so far and it was yum!

  3. Daisy Chubb's on Facebook says:
  4. I’m saving the maple one for tonight!

  5. Courtney Powers on Facebook says:
  6. Me too! I had Cafe Vanilla first. :)

  7. Daisy Chubb's on Facebook says:
  8. Mm good choice!

  9. I’m glad you enjoyed the teas and the packaging. :)

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