16 Jul 2012

Recipe: Turkey, Bacon, Avocado & Cheese Panini

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It was a happy happy day when our Panini press came in the mail!!! It’s nothing fancy, but we got it free with our Visa points. At our old job we used to have a panini for lunch almost every day, and although we’re still perfecting our Panini skills – this one turned out deliciously!

Recipe Tips:

+ If you have a manual press like ours (aka a super heavy lid), don’t press on it – just let the weight do it’s own work.

+ Don’t be stingy with the sauce – it gets all melty and warm and gooey with the melted cheese and creates panini heaven.

+ Have a panini party! Put out platters of ingredients like the photo above and let everyone make their own. It would make for a fun lunch party! I like to put the sauce in the avocado shell :B

Turkey Bacon Avocado Panini



Sliced turkey or chicken (deli meat)


Sliced Cheese (I used Cheddar & Havarti)

Dressing (I made a buffalo ranch sauce)

Sliced Avocado

Tomato (optional)


Butter both sides of each piece of bread, or brush with olive oil. Preheat panini press over medium heat.

Make sandwich with your favorite ingredients, being generous with the sauce. Now make your panini according to the instructions with your panini press! Eat. :3


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