3 Oct 2012

Review: Black Cherry Matcha by Red Leaf Tea

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As you may already know, I’m on a bit of a matcha kick lately.

This is thanks to Red Leaf Tea’s matcha promo, which is sadly coming to an end – but I am so grateful for being a part of it! Thanks Red Leaf!

Although I have a cupboard full of all sorts of matcha flavours – I just received one that is blowing my mind! It’s amazingly good! The matcha in question is Black Cherry matcha. I know some people who think matcha shouldn’t be flavoured – I have to kindly disagree. I LOVE straight up matcha, just like I love unflavoured teas! The nuances and delicious adventures are second to none – but it has to be a good quality tea, and it has to be ceremonial grade matcha. That’s just me!

That’s the same when it comes to matcha in my opinion. I always order a basic grade matcha with “delicate” flavouring. I find it the perfect base for different flavours, and it allows me to enjoy matcha all day every day – but it doesn’t feel like the same thing every day! Just like drinking other flavoured teas. Alright, I’m off my little soapbox. 😉

When we snipped off the corner of this matcha to give it a smell, Mike and I were both pretty excited because it smells just like Nibs! Nibs are my favourite licorice and I will never ever share them. I’ve never associated the flavour of Black Cherry with them, just regular cherry, but I can totally see how the two go together now! Of course, it also reminded me of Black Cherry soda, which is one of my favourite flavours. All good associations from the smell alone!

I whisked it up as a matcha shot and drank it down. Heaven! I make my “matcha shots” with about 2 tbsp water at 175 degrees. Just enough to make a watery paste, and then drink it down like that instead of adding more water!

The next day, I knew it was latte time. The little latte was made hot with Vanilla Almond milk, but I found the almond milk took over the taste a bit too much. The large latte was made with double the amount of matcha, ice cold milk and a bit of whipped cream for a decedant, fruity, candy-like iced latte! I think I prefer this method the best for any matcha, but I know as the weather gets colder I’ll change my mind and drink hot lattes all the time. Every day I say!

If you want to try some Red Leaf Tea matcha, you can pick up this flavour here or check out their huge line up of awesome flavours!

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