21 Sep 2012

Review: Cheesecake Earl Grey by 52teas

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If this really my second 52teas review on the website? Well I’ll be! I have quite the collection of delicious from 52teas – one thing being a ridiculous amount of Maple Bacon Tea from last Christmas. (Thanks Whitey, you’re the best!!!)

Uh oh, not going home for Christmas means some serious missing going on! I miss my friends and family! I will certainly miss the awesome Secret Santas we had every year. Good times, good memories! This year I’ll be hand making cards and sending them in the mail.. er.. I had better start now otherwise they’ll never get sent! Luckily I have a 5 days weekend due to some shift switching (bad news is that I have to work 2 6 day in a row marathons, but they paycheque will reflect that! That’s the good news!)

Wow I am all over the place today! Back to the tea.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Earl Grey Cheesecake by 52 teas!

This is a seriously delicious blend of black tea, marigold petals, bergamot and cheesecake! Bergamot is the citrus fruit flavour that makes an Earl Grey an Earl Grey! I’m pretty fond of Earl Grey Creme blends (Earl Grey with vanilla), but this is a very nice change! Well really – put cheesecake in anything and I’m all over it. It probably the most awesome flavour ever.

The smell is to die for – and the taste is fruity and a tangy, creamy aftertaste and texture. It’s quite floral as well, but not perfumey. Just right. I actually feel quite fancy sipping this one with a healthy dose of cream and sugar.


The neat (but also tragic) thing about 52teas, is that they are blended in small batches – with a new flavour every week! This means that unless your favourite flavour is re-blended (as this one was), you probably won’t see it again. This is why, if you were to raid my tea cupboard, you will find a single unopened bag of my #1 fave: Cashew Turtle – a blend of caramel, black tea, chocolate and cashews. Only to be opened upon the coming of the Apocalypse.

Until then, Earl Grey Cheesecake it is!


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