24 Sep 2012

Review: Cornfields Shu Tuocha by Verdant Tea

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This is my most favourite pu’er in the whoooole world. It will be out of stock soon! I only have 1 tiny little tuocha left :(

I can’t wait until we’re back on our feet – but tea is pretty much at the bottom of the list when it comes to things to pay for. This is sad! But I have a large collection to drink down first, so not TOO sad :3



I really will miss this tea though. Cornfields Shu Tuocha from Verdant Tea is a little piece of art in tea-form. I kind of feel like I won’t be able to live without it, but I will try. The taste is as the name suggests – corn! The tea is grown between wind-barriers of corn to protect it, which also gives it it’s unique flavour!

Each tuocha is individual wrapped, so it’s like opening a little present every time you go to drink! The wrappers are gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as the aroma that hits the air as soon as hot water hits the tea. I follow the instructions on Verdant’s website for Gongfu style brewing to get every last drop of flavour out of the leaves. I usually get 12+ infusions of a dark, earthy liquor that is buttery and sweet with a tingly feeling at the end of every sip. It also settles my tummy!


Oh Cornfields Shu, I will miss you!

<3 Ash


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