9 May 2012

Review: DavidsTea’s Cake Teas

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This post is a little late in the game, but the teas are still on the shelves so not too late! haha

DavidsTea recently released 3 Cupcake Teas. Cakes for your teacup 😀

The reviews on Steepster were all over the map. Some loved these teas with a passion, others found them disappointing. Well, no matter what the reviews I knew I had to try them myself. How could I not? They sounded freaking delicious!


Ice Cream Cake

Pictured above. A black tea blend with carob, freeze dried ice cream, sprinkles, white chocolate & vanilla.

I actually didn’t mind this one! It smells like a Neapolitan ice cream cake for sure. Look at all the little bits! ee! The sprinkles were too much fun. Another ingredient in this tea is freeze dried ice cream. How awesome and unique is that? It reminds of of those ice creams you can get from the fair/exhibition. They’re flash frozen or something, and are tiny dots. They’re probably called dots. Anyways! As it brewed, it did not look so appealing (see the first picture in the tryptic below). The scum reared its ugly head!

Now to be fair, it’s the most delicious scum in the world! But I don’t know what else to call it, it left an icecreamy sludge on the bottom of the cup. And it wasn’t INYOURFACE delicious, but it was subtly yummy. The strongest flavour was strawberry, and it was nice and sweet without needing any sweetener. It was a little creamy, but I added milk to enhance that “ice cream” taste.

All in all, it was alright! But nothing special to me, unfortunately. Oh well!

Chocolate Cake

A black tea blend with carob, sprinkles, white chocolate bits, cocoa and stevia.

Wow. If you’re in a DT, be sure to smell a tin of this beauty. It smells SO so rich. Like a dense, fudgy chocolate brownie smothered in chocolate ganache rich. Now that’s a chocolate cake.

Sadly the taste was not quite there for me! There was a little bit too much stevia in this blend for my liking (it gave it a funky aftertaste), and to have a tea smell SO amazing.. well.. it’s hard to get a tea to taste like a 2 bite brownie. So this one was a  bleh in my opinion. I tried adding milk and sugar and the chocolate was barely there.

But WAIT… what’s that in the distance? Could it be… Birthday Cake!?


Birthday Cake

A red/green rooibos blend with sprinkles, honeybush and freeze dried icecream.

Ohhh this one did NOT disappoint! It happens to be the one with the least amount of additions, but it turned out to be the tastiest to me! The rooibos does not take the spotlight – the cake does! Well, not a birthday cake to me, but cake batter. Think cake batter ice cream or cake batter, well, anything. That’s the taste I’m getting here and I looooove it.

It’s good for 2 steeps and it’s just sweet enough to not need any additions. I’ve tried adding milk but I prefer it without. I need to stock up on this tea before it’s off the shelves, because I think it’s my current favourite bedtime treat. Ah, yum!

Have you tried the cupcake teas? Which was your favourite? Share in the comments below 😀





Birthday cake!

so-so blends

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  1. GinGin Lomax says:
  2. Oh god, I need to try this!!

  3. DaisyChubb says:
  4. Just got news from DavidsTEa on Twitter that Birthday Cake is becoming permanent! Ah heavens, that’s good news! So yes, highly recommended. You would looove it Ginny!

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