30 Oct 2012

Review: Good Morning Sunshine by Butiki Teas

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Rain, rain, go away. Something like that.

Oy, SO MUCH of my time is spent trying to stay awake (the grey skies make me depressed, the screaming child of our new neighbours makes me… I don’t want to say) and LUSH. LUSH studying, studying LUSH! So many products… I’m so overwhelmed. Also, excited! But, for the time being, posts will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, since I also have some exciting TEA-RELATED recipes coming up, but I need lots of experiment time.

There, all my excuses in one place!

This tea is one I won a while back from the gorgeous tea company Butiki Teas.  Huge thanks to Stacy, the brains, brawn and beauty of the company – she is an amazing person with an amazing collection of delicious teas. I’m saving up for an order, I can’t wait! Until then, I’ve been sipping on Good Morning Sunshine – an energizing guayusa with tons of lemony goodness.

I’ve tried other guayusa blends, but none hold a candle to the tastiness that Stacy conjures.

What is guayusa? Check out this excerpt from the Butiki teas website, where you can try plain guayusa, or one of many flavours:

Organic Guayusa is sourced from holly trees in Ecuador. Containing approximately 90mg of caffeine per cup, guayusa is more caffeinated than tea and Yerba Mate, yet it will not cause jitters or a caffeine crash. This plant also contains more antioxidants than most tea. Guayusa is sourced from local indigenous family farms and is sustainable. Brewed, guayusa is smooth with a sweet earthy molasses flavor.

As you can see with the first picture at the top, the blend steeps to a deep dark colour, almost like a black coffee. It is nothing like a coffee though – although it does give you a kick in the pants to wake you up! It’s not bitter or acidic, it’s light and lemony – almost like a lemon pie or lemon drop candies. It’s sweet without needing any sweetener, and smooth without needing any sort of cream to tone it down.
I either brew this blend in a tea bag or a strainer with very very fine holes, as guayusa tends to slip through some of my strainers.

An amazing blend, but one of many – so check out Butiki Teas for your next order – you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Nice article. I have to agree with you, a cup of tea can make your day go way better.

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