11 May 2012

Review: Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin

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I’m sitting in my living room, sipping some Tieguanyin from Verdant, and planning Video Game Week. The tea is amazing, I had a great interview for a flash mob today so I am pooped, yet super excited! Oh, and Video Game Week (May 14th-18th) is going to be stellar! It’ll be a busy week, we have the Contest Winner announced on the 16th and a bunch of guest posters! It’ll be a conglomerate of tea, a funky recipe, and opinions. And games. So anyways, it should be a fun time!

I was honestly expecting to like this one more than the first 2012 Spring picking! The Spring actually surprised me and I favour that one (and I have the newest 2012 spring picking on the way, which will taste different from the last). It’s so exciting and magical to taste the totally different nuances in a tea, just by the time it was picked. This is a topic I could go on about for days, so I’ll spare your eyes and get on with the review 😉



Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin from Verdant Tea

1st steep, after 3 second rinse. 5 seconds.185

salty, creamy, light taste but a deeper flavour than the spring. not grassy yet, but creamy. gosh the leaves – smell the leaves. so rich! tears to my eyes.

2nd steep. 190 10 second

sultry. mysterious. honey in the smell, floral in the taste, but a hint of grass. fresh and buttery. but still teasing me. salted butter. vegetal as it cools – big leafy greens. tingles on the tongue,peppery aftertaste.

3rd steep. 195

The leaves small fresh, but very very autumn. orange, browns. I’ll stick to the spring from now on, as this tea is a little heavier and I might be in the mood for a tea that has a few more bright notes in it. Nothing against the tea mind you,  just my mood!

That said, as is usual with amazing oolongs, the 3rd steep is IT! Oh SO good. No more teasing, the full flavour is coming out to play. I wish I had some friends over because I so badly want to share this treat with you. The subtle (and not so subtle) differences from steep to steep are amazing. The hint of astringency wakes up my palate and fills it with deep, leafy taste. Savoury with a bit of sweetness.


Let’s take a quick break. I feel like there are too many words all of a sudden!

If you’ve never heard of Verdant Tea – they are like nothing else that I know of on the market. The company is everything I stand for, and things I didn’t even knew I stood for until I discovered them! If you want a quick read, check out how they source their tea, why it’s so fresh and how passionate David is about the tea he curates. The quality is unbelievable, and small farms are supported. Thanks for listening to my little rave – there are few businesses in the world I can fully back and support every single move they make. This is one of them. Come over for tea, I would love to share with you.



4th-5th steep. 195, 20 seconds

These steeps were pretty similar, creamy and vegetal.

6th steep. 200, 1 minute

I thought this steep would start to lose flavour – well it’s lost some of the flavours I’ve come to expect – but now I’m getting those juciy peach notes mentioned on the website. Sweet as a fresh fruit and super quenching, juicy, fresh – but heavy. This is is definitely a tieguanyin on the heavy side of the spectrum.


Alright loves, that is where I’ll leave you! Steeps 7-10 were yummy, but by that time the flavour was getting lighter and lighter – I just kept drinking because I still felt like it. I know sometimes I am done with that tea and stop around 4 steeps, but I have such a small amount of this tea – I wanted to make it last. Fun times! Thanks for suffering through this post with me :)

They won’t all be this long. But if the tea is phenomenal… there might be a few epic posts.

Oh silly rain, don’t know you I have tea to warm me up? You can’t get me down today :)



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