18 Jul 2012

Review: Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend by Verdant Tea

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This tea is true to it’s name.

True summer breakfast in a cup! A gentle nudging to wake up to see the sunrise and hear the birds sing! The first rays of sun shining through the trees – shining so bright you can see dust particles in the air. Breathing in the warm summer air and being thankful to be alive this fine day!

This tea is all that, and more.

Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend is part of Verdant Tea’s Alchemy Blends collection – a unique blend of black tea (Laoshan & Jin Jun Mei), Willow Grove puerh, Big Red Robe and an Aged Silver Needle white tea.

Notes of caramel, a full flavour that fills all of your senses, while still being light, summery and refreshing! Oh so smooth and rich – sweet at the end of the sip but with hints of smoke and earth – just hints! Deep red colour that hints to the complexity of the blend, but each sip tastes as though the flavours are perfect for each other.

Look at these gorgeous leaves! Golden, huge and fuzzy! Signs of a tea blended with care <3 That’s how I feel as a Verdant customer – a sense of care, passion and respect.

For some, a breakfast tea is a harsh blend of assam and other black CTC teas, rife with astringency and a deep black cup needing a dose of cream and sugar to make it palatable! When I drink this tea, I’m not getting kicked out of bed (which don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like!), but I am being woken up to the sun – a brand new day where I can takeĀ  my time. My senses are awakened one by one with care and attention – I feel like royalty!

Of course, sometimes I’m just getting up to go to work, or play Skyrim. Or just take a humble walk around the neighbourhood.

It’s all perspective!

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  1. Great descriptions, Daisy Chubb!

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