29 Aug 2012

Review: Plum Oolong by The Tea Merchant

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Good Wednesday to you!

This is more of an exciting unboxing post than a real review – I got my gaiwan from Chan Teas (RIP) and my super generous samples from The Tea Merchant in the mail! Let’s take a look at what came:


Wha! It was such a happy mail day! Isn’t the wax seal amazingly awesome?!

I haven’t tried my gaiwan yet – I’m waiting with bated breath for my Verdant package to arrive – but also I have to get up early tomorrow for a staff meeting, so I can’t spend the evening drinking all the tea. Alas! It is gorgeous though, isn’t it?

I’ve tried 3/4 of the Tea Merchant teas – but the one I took pictures of is the Plum Oolong. It ended up not being my favourite out of the teas, but it was a very high quality oolong with a sour, tart note – even though there is no hibiscus in the blend!

The dry smell is sooooo good. I can’t even truly explain how delicious the smell of this tea is. It makes me crave a sweet but tangy plum tart. Then I start to think of fall – it’s coming! Ohhh it’s coming. We can’t stop it – but we CAN get a few more beach days in first 😉

Of course, I am drinking hot tea while it’s still hot summer weather (aka not just on the rainy days, of which there are many!), so fall can come when it comes. I imagine my tea consumption can only go up! Thank goodness for tea companies like The Tea Merchant for sending samples my way – it’s not quite in my budget to buy from every tea company I love – so I SO appreciate it when I get to try them for free! And of course bookmark them until the time is right.


The Silk Dragon tea from the same company is AMAZING and is on my wishlist!

A sweet, intoxicating vanilla flavoured oolong that takes me away from all my worries and cares. The liquor is light but syrupy, and SO full of flavour. Don’t even get me started with the White Coconut Blondie – it’s like a sweet and fresh coconut macaroon, still warm and gooey from the oven. Yay for tea!

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  1. I have that very same gaiwan from Chan Teas! I’m still waiting to break it in!

  2. Nice! You will love it! I haven’t burned my fingers yet – so I think it’s a good one 😀

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