8 Jun 2012

Review: Taiwan Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong

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Ah it’s evening. I’m actually writing this post on Thursday. To be honest, I’ve been surrounded by straight tea from Verdant and a bunch of samples from Fong Mong tea, but have been avoiding caffeine after work! Ack!

So I haven’t had a chance to try any nice oolongs to wind down my day, just in case they kept me up late. Well. It’s Thursday. And tomorrow is Friday. So F&#K it! I’m enjoying this deliciousness because it’s almost the weekend and no one can stop me! (Don’t worry – I’ve been bringing tea to work everyday too! But not brewing there yet.)

A huge thanks to FONG MONG tea for sending me this sample of their Taiwan Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong – which is a green oolong with a light, creamy fragrance and an extremely reasonable price! If you’re wary of the price of straight tea, I have to recommend their pricing. The quality is very good for the price.

Steep One: 1 minute (195 F) – sweet smell. Largely rolled leaves with lots of stems, but whole leaves for the most part. Deep green leaf colour with a pale liquor. It’s sweet! I taste fresh garden snap peas with a touch of butter! Nice and creamy – the smell is making me fall in love with my cup. eep. The texture is quite drying on the tongue (the astringency maybe?) – but with a lingering sweetness which has me going for another sip. And another. There is something unique to this tea, but I can’t quite place it. It’s  almost earthy in it’s dryness. That said – for an unflavoured milky green oolong, it’s quite creamy and rich!

Steep two: 2 minutes (195 F) – This steep is not quite as creamy. It’s a bit honeyed and nice and light. The first steep definitely tasted more milky – this steep is more floral, but not overwhelmingly so. I preferred the first steep – but you know, I think the flavour is lighter than I’m used to because I use closer to 8g, and the sample provided 6g! I’ll use less water for the next steep.

Okay as I finished my cup, I had an involuntary, 100% content and happy smile. Life is good and we are blessed, no matter what crazy stresses can happen during the day, I can come home to tea. And Mike 😉  But right now – I am more than content. So glad I chose this tea today.

Steep three: 5 mins, 200 F. This will be my last steep. I’m coaxing whatever flavour I can out of the leaves so I can leave it for the day. The wet leaves have a hint of melon – cantaloupe even – in the smell. The smell is almost more satisfying at the taste at this time, as I got a lot of the most delicious flavours out of the first steep I think. But hey – I’ve enjoyed my time with this tea. It’s given me an extreme sense of peace that I haven’t felt yet in this crazy first week of the job.


I have to say, I’ve  met some amazing people that work at my new job! So even though it’s a temp job and I won’t have it forever, I hope I can hang on to these people, because they are awesome. I’ve made it known! They’ve made made my time at the job enjoyable, where the road is a little bumpy they make it smooth. Speaking of smooth – Nutella recipe next week!!! So stick around 😉

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