1 May 2012

Review: Wintergreen Woods

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Now this is a tea I want to make a dainty cup of and walk around “The Woods” in my neighbourhood. Yes we have woods. A tiny chunk of woods  between a million apartment complexes. Very strange but extremely relaxing, so I’ll take it.



This is another very unique blend – Wintergreen Woods by DavidsTea. I should really review some “normal” teas one of these days – but that’s no fun! Work with me here, I’ll get there haha. I have never had a herbal tea quite like this before. Huge whole wintergreen leaves, cedar and pine, sumac berries: “Inspired by the Canadian Wilderness”. I was enamoured with the idea of it – I had to get a box and give it a try myself.

I figured I should sit down and write some cards to my friends. (I haven’t finished them yet.. it’s a work in progress haha).

Since the leaves are so huge, I just stuffed as much as I could into my little teapot. No rhyme or reason – all I knew was that I needed a lot of leaf and it needed a long steep time to really get some good flavour. The dry leaf has a faint wintergreen scent, but once the hot water is poured on the aroma comes to life. I’m taken to a forest on a crisp morning, clear running springs and pine trees – taking a good ol’ nature walk. Ah I do love Canada. I’ve taken walks like this all over western Canada. It is extremely evocative of when I used to have family in Jasper. Such an amazing gorgeous place.

Phew, back to the tea! I steeped for about 10 minutes (but it could have gone longer, maybe even 20 minutes). The flavour is.. tingly! It tingles.. it’s very refreshing, but also very light. The liquor is light green and smells so fresh. It’s sweet and minty, but not overwhelmingly so. If you have a delicate palate, I would recommend this tea to you. It’s not like the forest is punching you in the face, but maybe it’s giving you a light kiss on the lips.


I can deal with that.


around 2 generous tsp leaf

6-8 oz boiling water

10 min

delicate, mint, fresh, forest, sweet




Edit: Here are some pictures of “The Woods”… told you they exist!

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  1. Kristin says:
  2. I am going to pick up some of this for sure!

  3. DaisyChubb says:
  4. You would love it!
    If there’s none in stock, let me know, I’ll send you some!

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