Who or What are you?

Hi, I’m Ash-Lee aka Daisy Chubb. I’m a 24 year old tea fanatic with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a ukulele.
I love to love life, some days it’s harder than others. But then I make a cup of tea, bake something or make something and the happy starts coming. So why not share it? :)
What’s this blog all about?

Check out my Welcome page, it shows my plans for the blog, and also says Hello!


Who is Daisy Chubb?

That’s a loaded question. It’s like asking “What is Soylent Green?”, but then, everybody knows the answer to that one. Daisy Chubb is me! Me is Ash-Lee Hommy. A 24 year old not-so-budding thespian sitting in the torrential rain of Halifax, NS. I’m not a blogger really. I just have one.

I am obsessed with tea, theatre, tennis.. not tennis. Other T words… um. I like the band Gorillaz! Stars! Metric! Foo Fighters! Arcdae Fire!~ And I have a camera with which to take pictures. Next question!


Yeah but.. why Daisy Chubb?

It’s hard to explain… the spy with no name.. except wait, she has a name. Daisy Chubb! She is a Spy in a blueberry pie. Mysterious and alluring. A fuzzy hat and ill-fitting kimono. A horrible video in horrible french can be found here:


Got a better question for me?

I’ll answer it privately or in a post!