16 May 2012

VGW: Day Three – Tea & Games [And contest winner!]

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I know what you want, you want to know who won the contest?!

Well well well, here we go! I gave everyone a number in the order they entered the contest. We had a lot of entries! And the winner is…

Virginia L. from Toronto, Ontario! Virginia, I’ll email you with the details to claim your package.

Thank you everyone for entering the contest! If you’re a subscriber to the email club – the first issue will be out asap with an interview with the winner and the announcement of the first big swap! Summer Iced Tea style! If you’re not a member, enter your email in the sidebar on the right. Exciting 😀

And hey, it’s still Video Game Week… so let’s talk about Tea and Video Games, shall we? 😉


Your Interviewer, Daisy

Today on our Panel:
      Missy  Dylan Oxford
       Travis          Evan         Kristin          Missy         Dylan       
Hello again my frrriends! Our new addition is Missy – Dylan’s partner and a friend from Steepster! Now that the whole gang’s here, let’s get started!


 : Ah tea. And video games. srs bsnss. Lately I’ve been sippin’ Kanpe and Tropicalia from DavidsTea while I conquer (aka fail) at Realm of the Mad God. So friends : Pick a character you’ve made in a video game, that is unique to you. What tea does your character drink/what tea best represents them? When do they find time in their hectic video game lives to sip their tea?

: Skyrim’s Magnar enjoys many herbal infusions with his house full of hoarded herbs and flowers! If he has time to wander from town to town solving mysteries and committing crimes, he has time to drink some damn tea.

Dylan Oxford : Hrmmm… I play a dwarven shaman, so I think the best tea for him would have to be Teavivre’s Bailin Gong Fu.  It’s a heavy, dark black tea that feels really stout and earthy.  It also has some grainy and malty qualities to it, that really appeal his genetic disposition towards beer.  Finding time for tea is easy for him though – he just summons a water elemental, hands him some dry tea, and then summons a fire elemental to heat it up!

: The most recent character I’ve made is for the game 3D Dot Game Heroes. He’s a cigar puffing, Fu Manchu mustache sporting monk with a hidden blade  in his walking stick. In between saving the kingdom of Dotnia, I like to think he relaxes with a cup of with a black Darjeeling tea every time he sets up camp to recover his strength before setting out on yet another perilous adventure.

Missy : I would say Glitter and Gold only because of the swirls. Rooibos in body probably best represents my tea character. I tend to play night elves. Shy things who are best hidden away, blending perfectly in nature. My night elf is also a bowhead so the swirls would mightily impress her. 😉 My main is a death night! Roar! (insert weird echo) She takes time to drink as she reflects over the day’s slaughter. Since her personal hygiene wisp will make it for instantly any time.

: Veata Hawke of Dragon Age 2 likes an exotic chai with tons of milk. It helps tone down the crazy bullshit she’s trying to diffuse (haha, get it?!) in Kirkwall!


: Whee this is fun! Hmm.. Daisy the Khajiit loves milky teas. After a long day of killing literally everything in sight, yet being deathly afraid of dragons and therefore skirting around the main storyline in order to avoid them, she settles down by the fireplace, belly full of milk tea. What teas are easiest to drink while you play? Or what games are the easiest to drink tea with? [ie: iced tea because you can drink it with a straw? Left4Dead because you can take sips while the next part of the level loads?]

: Don’t drink tea with workout games!! A nice tea and an RPG… because it rhymes and works well together. You don’t need hectic use of your hands, there are tons of lovely codices to peruse whilst you sip, and you can meet your favourite characters over a nice cup of tea!

: Hmm, games with near constant actions like Left 4 Dead may be a bit hard to enjoy a cup of tea in the process. Anything with more pauses in the action or a slower pace overall would suit tea drinking better, especially RPG’s and puzzle games.

Dylan Oxford : Easiest teas to drink while we play, definitely iced tea (assuming you’ve made it ahead of time!).  Its all a matter of preparation.  Its hard to tell a ten story dragon to hold on a minute while you clean your infuser.

Missy : LOL, I have to agree with the iced tea. All though the making of tea happens to be a part of the pre-raid ritual now.

: I drink an abnormally large amount of white tea while tweaking my rosters in sports games…


: Love it! I will say it’s hard to play a marathon of Rock of Ages with any sort of tea. But a marathon of Dokapon – phew, lots of time in that game to sip haha! If you were to pull an all nighter to either finish a game or play an epic multiplayer game, what tea would you choose to fuel you all night long?

Dylan Oxford : At the moment, I’d have to say Gaucho from SerendipiTea.  It’s a fantastic cinnamony-chai-mate that’s got a nice complex flavor profile to keep you interested, and enough caffeine to keep you perked up and paying attention.

Missy : Gaucho with intervals of Matcha! Go matcha go matcha!

: I’d go with a basic black. Something where I don’t feel guilty about downing multiple glasses from the same tea bag.

: I think it would be something with peppermint. I can never sleep right after a peppermint tea, it’s just too refreshing! It would be perfect to keep me sharp and minty during an epic raid!

: So far the best tea I know for this purpose would be the roasted cocoa mate from Utopia Tea given to me by yours truly, due to it’s high caffeine level and strong but slightly sweet flavour.


: Aw yeah, mate has a coffee-like feel to it, minus the heartburn and crash after! Alright get your guns: What would you say to someone who considers tea a weak and dainty beverage of the British upperclass?

: I would say those people have probably never tried bacon maple tea. Nothing dainty about that!

: I’d say that there is a reason tea is the second most drank beverage in the world, and it’s most likely because it is awesome.

Missy : How about I just kick them in the knee? Then I could ask if that fit the typical British upper class stereotype.

Dylan Oxford : I’d tell them to run.  Run before they realize the addiction that tea can become.  Run!  Oh, you don’t want to run.  Are you thirsty?

: That they are correct. Drinking tea is one of the most direct ways we have of honouring Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Canada, long may she reign.


: Amen to that. I’m sure you’ve heard of Think Geek’s little tea collection: If you were to come up with a few teas based on a few of your favorite video games, what would your line be like?

Dylan Oxford : I actually bought a set of these not too long ago.  Two sets, actually.  I was going to buy it as a gift for a friend, when I decided I needed one for myself too!  Hrmm… so if I had to come up with teas based on some of my favorite video games…

Tyrael’s Minty Justice: A smooth gunpowder green base with spearmint, peppermint, and a hint of lemon.  Useful for keeping yourself cool and collected while eradicating the demons from the burning hells.
Black Materia: Lapsang Souchong with ginger and the sparkles from Glitter and Gold.  Smokey, spicy, and magical looking.  A tea so unique that you swear it takes mana to brew.
: I’d create a line of teas based on unique ingame items from well known and loved franchises, such as the different colored mushrooms from Mario Bros or the herbs from Resident Evil that you could mix and match in creating the brew of your choice. The possibilities are endless!

Missy : Ragneros Rooibos: Think chai heavy on the chili pepper to sweat the imperfections out of you!

         Lich King Lychee: Houjicha with lychee flavors served chilled.

: Fus-Ro-TEA!: A smoky, piney lapsang souchong blend. Black with just a hint of cinnamon and clove. Like the breath coming from my Dragonborn’s mouth every time she uses her Voice!


: I want them all, pls. What kind of tea does Princess Peach make Mario & Luigi drink during her cake and tea parties?

Dylan Oxford : Judging by the number of times she gets ‘abducted’ by Bowser, it’s probably chamomile.

Missy : I’d think the poor girl had stepped up to Valerian root instead. She can just sleep her way through captivity.

: White Peach Oolong tea of course.

: Lady Grey… something pretty and floral, but slightly evil…

: I think it is cute you envision Luigi as being invited.  As for the cake:  I think a nice cherry.


: Well thank you so much for joining me today! Anything else about Tea & Video Games? Do you think they go alright together? 😉

: I think this is a natural overlap.  If you are going to put in the 20 plus hours it takes to finish a game, you are probably the type of person willing to spend five minutes on a cup of tea, rather than 20 seconds.

Dylan Oxford : Heh, you should hear the complaints when you tell a group of eight people that you’re not ready to raid because your tea hasn’t finished steeping.  Quite entertaining.

Missy : They do give me some smack because I like tea so much. I threaten the axe handle…..


haha Well Deserved!


Well Tea Lovers, join my Email Club for a sneak peek at the Super Swap, and Video Game lovers – join us tomorrow for a look into making Flash Games!


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