18 May 2012

VGW: Last Day : Cooking Games!

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Apologies for the lack of post yesterday! Actually, I’m not the one who should be apologizing, as there was a post yesterday haha.

Today we’re talking about Cooking Games – mostly so I can post a recipe 😉 But also, if I think about it, I’m pretty obsessed with quite a few Food Games! I played the crap out of Lemonade Stand as kid (although it hasn’t done much for my entrepreneurial skills), and all I learned about cooking I learned from Cooking Mama. Not really.


Your Interviewer, Daisy

Today on our Panel:
: It’s just you and me today Matthew! Let’s talk Food Games then get into the recipe. I was going to post a recipe for healthy breaded eggplant fries – but although that’s something you would make on Cooking Mama – it doesn’t scream video games. So we’ll have pizza instead. haha! So Matthew, what cooking games have you played? I know I’m a Cooking Mama addict.

: I also love Cooking Mama! I think it’s the only one I’ve played too, but it’s a really great showcase for motion control, and it’s also wacky enough and game-y enough to really hold your interest. Just a ton of fun.

: Do these games inspire you to cook in real life? Try new recipes, etc, or are they just games?

: I might be a little biased because I already enjoy cooking and don’t really need a video game to inspire me to do it. However, I do remember Cooking Mama dishes giving me some serious hankerings, so if I saw something on there that I really wanted to make, I’d likely try to make it.

: Nice – I know I learned to bread things effectively from the game haha. That’s something! Do Cooking Games have a life in the future of video games? Can you think of a way the new technologies (ie: kinect) could be used in an effective way – to make a sweet ass cooking game? Or is that really lame?

: I’m personally a little less inclined to see more realistic methods of virtual food preparation (I really think Cooking Mama’s got this covered), but I’d LOVE to see a really deep simulation of running a restaurant, where you could take on different roles, or even have like a multiplayer component where every person plays in co-op and has a different role, and likewise a different method of gameplay within that restaurant. Kind of an entrepreneurial/cooking/recipe development/action game that will likely never, ever get made.

: Wow that would be seriously addicting. I’m already addicted to Cake Mania and Diner Dash, so a game like that would be amazing. Hell’s Kitchen theme? haha! What is the best food to keep you fueled on a gaming all nighter? Any game! Any food! What keeps you going?

: Oh man! I probably haven’t done an “all-nighter” in years, but when we did, it was Old Dutch chips and Nestea all the way. I still love those things so they probably would still work, though now that I’m a grown-ass adult, I’d probably have to sub in some coffee. I’m also a fan of pretzel bites, but they would likely kill you by the end of the night. I don’t know, play it by ear! Maybe make some cupcakes or something. Do what feels right.

: Cupcakes always feel right. I used to love eating the chips from the night before for breakfast. Noice. What is the ideal gamer finger food? As in, you don’t have to put down the controller to eat these tasty treats.

: I’m not so sure about finger foods – it really depends what kind of game you’re playing, right? Like, if you’re playing a turn-based strategy game like Fire Emblem, you could be eating anything you want during the downtime. However, if it’s more action-oriented, maybe something that you can just get out with a straw, like a milkshake or something.

: Absolutely. And with food like milkshakes, you won’t be distracted with digestion! Thanks Matthew!


Yay that was fun! The Pizza recipe will be posted tomorrow, since I don’t want to the post to be too long, but I will definitely link to it when it’s done. Stick around for homemade pizza, and thanks for sticking around for this week of possible fail!


We’ll be back to our usual antics next week.


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  1. Outside of the ever popular Cooking Mama, are cooking games thought of as fun or simply educational?

  2. DaisyChubb says:
  3. Good question! I have to wonder that. I know there are some “games” that aren’t really games – just basically recipes for your DS. They’re definitely not terribly fun haha

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