19 Sep 2012

Zoku: Tim Horton’s Double Double Popsicles

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Yaaaay we got our Zoku! After doing a series of happy dances and putting it into the freezer for 24 hours, we started to experiment immediately.

Now – we’re not coffee drinkers really. We get the occasional Tim Horton’s (Double Double) and for Mike’s fix, he has a small collection of instant coffee. However, we had some coffee drinking family guests, so they purchased a coffee maker (we didn’t have one) and some Tim Horton’s coffee!

I’ve heard it said that the coffee at home just doesn’t taste the same as when you go to a Timmy’s and order a Double Double. I figured it’s because at home you probably don’t put in as much cream and sugar as they do! haha

Well – I wasn’t expecting the popsicles to taste like Timmy’s – I was just expecting a simple coffee popsicle! Oh no, with my experimenting and addition of a secret ingredient – it tasted JUST LIKE ONE!

If you don’t have a Zoku Quick Pop Maker, just use a regular popsicle kit! You just have to wait a little longer, and doesn’t it taste better when you have to wait for it? 😉

Double Double   Popsicles

(Makes 6+ Zoku pops)


1 1/2 cups brewed Tim Horton’s coffee, chilled

1/4 cup coffee cream

1/4 cup white sugar

3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk (add more to taste, this is the secret ingredient!)

Combine all ingredients, mixing until sugar is dissolved. Be sure to taste test! It seems like a lot of sugar, but sugar is so important for the popsicles to work. Make sure your mixture is cold and pour into the molds. Let freeze until done (9-12 mins) and remove. (If you’re not using a Zoku, let it freeze overnight or a few hours until totally frozen).

Keep extras in the freezer by lining them with wax paper and keeping in a freezer bag.

Enjoy your Double Double popsicle!


I know it’s fall, but give me a break! We just got the Zoku! Plus, I want popsicles all year long, that’s how I roll!

The next Zoku recipes will be very fall flavoured. Think Pumpkin pie, spiced tea and eggnog! Yummeh.

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  1. Ash-Lee Hommy on Facebook says:
  2. A truly Canadian popsicle recipe! It’s still summer, right?!

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