Gelli Plate Collage Monoprint

I have had an absolute blast experimenting with the gel press printing plate. I still have a lot to learn but it’s a ton of fun, and the risk factor is a huge part. I’ve collected many magazines over the years for collages, and only very specific high-contrast, glossy images work well with the gel press image transfers. Here are a few successful monoprints I’ve collected so far.

1. Rue Morgue Collage – these two prints are collaged together from various issues of Rue Morgue Magazine and National Geographic. Definitely spooky vibes!

2. Newsprint Nightmares – this lime green piece is also featuring a headline from Rue Morgue Magazine.

3. UFO Plant – This piece is printed from some yellowing leaves off my Pilea, also known as a Chinese Money Plant. They are reminiscent of lily pads and I may paint a frog on them!